Anthozoa (2018)

What in our peripheral vision is being missed?

An interactive installation piece that explores the beauty of deep-water Atlantic corals, and their fragility in the face of climate change. Anthozoa focuses on our dangerous behaviour of ignoring perils that are not immediately apparent, and on the role of the aesthetic in distracting and focusing our attention. In Anthozoa, the ocean is associated with the unconscious, parallelled with bleaching of coral, the project portrays the “bleaching” of the unconscious. Cheryl Ruddock, painting, Nora Ruddock, poetry, Nathan Saliwonchyk, animation, Douglas Campbell, programmer. Painting detail: Cheryl Ruddock.

Produced by Inter Arts Matrix

Funded by The Guelph Community Foundation


Tinderbox (2017)

In Tinderbox, the viewer observes two streams, video and audio, yoked together by vertical and horizontal randomization, to a rhythm of 30-second beats. Like the connections made by online dating apps, we use a computer to “connect” two forms of art, to see what “sparkage” may happen between image and word. What does the dynamic juxtaposition of one video do to a poem, and vice versa? What new “piece” is fired in the viewing consciousness? Tinderbox explores, in a spirit of play, the contraries of private self and fractured self, mesmerism and focus, dissociation and connection. Tinderbox has no end and no beginning; each viewing becomes its own emergent, post-autonomous artwork, constructing or deconstructing meaning over time.